Fundraising for teen born 2004

Fundraising for teen born 2004

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26,000 uah
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Fundraising for adolescents born in 2004. We were treated at the National Clinical Hospital "Odessa Regional Children's Clinical Hospital" due to coccyx hernias (surgical intervention-hernia resection). 

Diagnosis: Condition after resection of the coccyx cyst.

The attending physician: Dilanyan Ilona Rubikonovna.

In order to avoid relapse of the underlying disease, it was decided to use the Mirragen Product for tissue repair without using suture material.

On April 5, 2019, the founders of the Obriy Nadia Foundation, on a volunteer basis, helped to purchase the US-made Mirragen Product, which restores soft tissues and helps repair tissues. Thanks to treatment with the Mirragen Product, adolescents were able to return to a normal lifestyle in the shortest possible time.

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